Fall Inspired Bridal Shoot

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Weddings, I love them! I, myself had a small wedding but I personally LOVE weddings and I love getting the chance to work with brides. The featured bride in this post is Jordan, a friend of my cousin Krista. Jordan planned a beautiful outdoor wedding on her family farm in October and unfortunately it rained her entire wedding weekend. My cousin Krista, owner of Krista Joy Photography, and I decided to put our talents together to do a staged wedding shoot so Jordan could still get the pictures she deserved.

Jordan Table setting

Although this was not a “real wedding day” it was not without its challenges. We had frost earlier in the week, and lost all of our fall flowers like zinnias, dahlias and chrysanthemums which is why is we chose to feature a lot of greenery in the floral arrangements. Although this was not our original plan, I think the arrangements turned out great.

Jordan Bridal 

I think Jordan makes a beautiful bride with her light skin, dark hair, and red lips it is clear she made shooting easy. She has a natural ease and romantic appeal in front of the camera, She is a classic beauty.
View More: http://kristajoyphotography.pass.us/jordan-bridal-shoot

parking birds

Southern Loom would like to thank our beautiful bride Jordan for her time and willingness to be our featured bride. Thank you to Irvington Springs Farm for our beautiful florals and greenery, it made it easy for me to put arrangements together when you provided us great product to work with. Thank you to my cousin Krista, Krista Joy Photography (facebook.com/kristajoyphotography), for traveling 2 hours to take these beautiful pictures. You have such a talent Krista and I enjoyed spending the day with you, we always have the best time!

View More: http://kristajoyphotography.pass.us/jordan-bridal-shoot

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